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People talk about saving money like it’s easy. For those living paycheck to paycheck, it is hard, but not as impossible as it seems. It will take some work, but there are a few things you can do. First, you should save your receipts. Look at each item and see what was necessary and what was not. Next, do the same with your bank statements. These are both simple ways to cut down your expenses and put more money into savings.

You shouldn’t feel bad for having spent that money, though. It is necessary and okay to treat yourself occasionally. Just don’t overdo it if you are genuinely trying to save more. Limit yourself to a dollar amount every month and stick to it. Another way to save just a little more is to round and keep your change. If you spend $3.50, put the other $0.50 in your savings. Some apps can help you do this with every transaction, or you can do it yourself at the end of the day.

Just remember that nothing is impossible, especially reaching your financial goals. Of course, some goals will take longer than others to achieve, but even small amounts will get you farther than doing nothing.

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