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The price of living has risen significantly this year, and it has been devastating for many. A lot of people are suffering because of the damage done to their wallets. Experts continue to say that it is only temporary. They say that next year, it will go down and everything will be okay. They are saying this in the faces of the people with less than them who will suffer long-term effects.

The labor and supply chain shortages are causing the crazy rise in inflation, and it is creating a nasty cycle. A lot of companies are struggling to pay their workers a living wage, and nobody wants to put in work somewhere that isn’t going to get the bills paid.
Not to mention, a lot of these people have children to take care of, and when the government is paying more than they can make working, they’re going to stay home and save money on childcare on top of it. Who can blame them at this point? Are they lazy? Or are they doing what is best for their family? It’s their business and nobody else’s. When you tell them to find a better job because they don’t like the pay, don’t complain when your favorite restaurant closes down because nobody wants to serve rude customers for under the cost of living.


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