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October has been an interesting month in the world of crypto. The latest meme-coin craze is Shiba Inu, which reached a market capitalization of $40 billion in the last week of the month. The cryptocurrency is a little hard to get though. You can only get it on Coinbase in some states. Robinhood is under a lot of pressure from their users to add more crypto to the platform. Some even signed a petition to add Shiba Inu specifically.

Adding to Robinhood would benefit them immensely. Representatives from the company stated that they hear their customers’ requests, and they are doing their best to provide. They need to make sure that they would still be compliant with regulations before they can make it happen though.
This is most likely not a long-term investment though. You never know what could happen, but just like with Dogecoin, it will probably spike and then fall quickly. If you choose to invest, keep a close eye on the numbers and speak with a professional advisor before you dump a bunch of money into anything.


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