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The Alexia Foundation is awarded to assist professional photographers and visual journalists in creating significant bodies of work that contribute to the foundation’s goals of world peace and cultural understanding. Work that contributes to change is regarded as more valuable. Alexia grants have helped students and professional visual storytellers create projects that inspire change by addressing socially critical issues for over 30 years.

Requirements for Eligibility

This Grant is open to photographers and visual journalists from all around the world. It has two categories: professional grant and student grant.

  • Grants for Professionals

Professional grants help professional photographers, and visual journalists create large bodies of work that contribute to the foundation’s goals. Professional grantees will get a total of $20,000 in funding.

  • Student grants

Student grants help current college students create works that contribute to the foundation’s goals. Student applicants are encouraged to propose projects that are local to their homes. Student award recipients receive a scholarship to cover tuition and expenses for their education. They also earn a stipend and work in the foundation’s compensated post like the alexia director’s research assistant.
Student Grants from the Alexia Foundation provide educational opportunities as well as monetary and in-kind advantages to students who want to create bodies of photography or multimedia work that promote international peace and cultural understanding especially projects that study cultural understanding in or near the applicant’s local community.

More about the grant

The Alexia Foundation encourages photography as a tool for bringing social injustice to light, respecting history, and understanding cultural differences. The Foundation supports photographers as change agents through grants, scholarships, and special projects.
Alexia’s Foundation’s purpose is to support all forms of visual storytellers. What storytellers say and how they treat the topic of life on the planet is more essential than the genre used to convey it. A synopsis, a proposal, a résumé, and a body of work consisting of up to 20 photographs are required. Applicants can also submit up to two different story forms expressed in other media, such as audio, video, VR, or any other visual format, as part of their application. The strength of the written proposal and the applicant’s visual skills are used to evaluate entries. The grants are given to those who can deliver significant initiatives that support Alexia’s objective and who can show that they have the potential to complete them.

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