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The movement to prevent members of Congress from trading stocks has slowed, as many lawmakers agree on the need to prohibit such transactions but have not defined the specifics. As concerns grow that time is running out, a key figure in the talks tells Yahoo Finance that a unity bill may be imminent as the legislature moves steadily towards agreement. In an interview with Yahoo Finance Presents, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), around a dozen lawmakers are negotiating a draft bill, and a final one will be introduced “at some point in the next few weeks.”

In recent years, there has been controversy over whether legislators should trade stocks because they have access to non-public information. The lawmakers’ proposal would mark a significant step in reforming the relationship between lawmakers and Wall Street. Gillibrand told Yahoo Finance that lawmakers are closer to reaching an agreement on one of the key issues – how they can put their money in blind trusts. “We are going to create some provisions for people who come into Congress owning certain portfolios, that they can hold them in blind trust,” she said. “That’s probably going to be the outcome.” According to the most recent draft of the unity bill, she added that cryptocurrency trading would be banned, and for all securities, “we would allow people to own what they own, but they would have to put it behind a blind trust.”

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