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In response to new guidance from federal health officials, Goldman Sachs said Tuesday it would lift all Covid-19 requirements in most offices beginning September 6. According to a memo received by CNBC on Tuesday, the bank will no longer require its employees to be vaccinated or wear face coverings when entering its offices. The policy covers most offices, except those in Lima and New York City. The memo states that unvaccinated employees in New York City are still required to obtain a religious or medical exemption to enter the bank’s offices. According to Goldman, the policy reflects updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which no longer distinguishes vaccinated people from those who are not. Additionally, the company stated that treatments, testing, and vaccinations had reduced the likelihood of severe illness from Covid-19.

According to the memo, the bank intends to continue its contact tracing efforts but will cease distributing free antigen test kits at its offices by the end of 2022. However, employees who purchase tests may be able to obtain reimbursement through their insurance policy. The latest developments in the pandemic have resulted in companies adapting their protocols. The majority of workers are also working to return in person to their workplaces after more than two years of lockdowns. Goldman’s memo didn’t specifically mention its return to office policy. The bank first asked employees to return to the office in June 2021. There was a brief pause of this policy amid an omicron surge during the winter. The company reported to CNBC in May that 50% and 60% of its employees had returned to work. In the Tuesday memo, Goldman encouraged employees who have not come into the office regularly to speak with their managers to ensure they conform to “current return to office expectations.”

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